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June 2016

The website is coming along nicely

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Ah, the internet is a wonderful place, a way to connect people, share stories and experiences. Photos and stores are one thing, but exploring these points over a computer just can’t truely capture the absolute beaut that is diving with Twin Island Dive in Nusa Lembongan.

Oh, but this does not stop us trying to capture your imagination though!

With that in mind, we are working hard on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Goolge+ pages to grab your attention about the wonderful underwater adventures that we are having, here at Twin Island Dive in Lembongan. We are adding more images, more videos and more information about the diving over here to lure you underwater with us. We have been in the diving industry for a long time, and we are happy to say, this is the most incredible of diving destinations.

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The Dive Boat is nearly ready!

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Twin Island Dive BoatA big part of a great dive centre is the dive boat. It needs to be comfortable, reliable and functional. Thanks to our local captain, Pinky, Twin Island Dive boat is nearly ready.

Converted from a local snorkeling boat, we are working hard; adding tank racks and storage areas for all the diving equipment. Read More