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May 2017

Molas in Lembongan

By Underwater Life

Molas in LembonganOne of the star attractions in the waters around the Nusa islands, are the Molas in Lembongan. These strange and interesting creatures, bring divers from all over the world, to catch a glimpse of them. As we are getting closer to the Molas season, it is time to fill you full of knowledge about the mysterious Mola.

We are going to be looking at:

  • Mola Anatomy
  • The Family of the Mola
  • Life of the Mola
  • Cleaning Stations

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Diving the Channel

By Underwater Life

Channel diving with KippThe north coast of Penida provides some spectacular diving. Rich in coral life, dense with fish diversity and many little creatures to find. The South coast provides a world famous environment for regular sightings of Manta Rays.

But what is going on in between the north and south coasts?

The channel that runs between the islands of Ceningan and Penida, lays home to some of the most amazing and extreme dive sites that the area has to offer.

This narrow strip of water, pulls the ocean from Bali and Lombok, through a thin, deep channel. It is this situation that creatures some of the most breath taking dives, as well as, some of the fastest.

With all the factors involved with these dive sites, not many dive centres dive in the channel, but is it really that bad? Read More

North Coast of Nusa Penida

By Underwater Life
Diving in Lembongan is famous for the Manta Rays found in the south of Penida and the Molas found in Crystal Bay. These dive sites can all be seen in just one days diving. What about the other sites that Lembongan and Penida provide? The long stretching north coast of Penida and Lembongan, are home to most of the dive sites around the islands. There are 7 main dive sites that run along this coast line. It is these sites that have the best coral life of the area.
Due to the conditions of south coast, it is hard for the more sensitive soft corals to grow. Read More

Titan Triggerfish and Nesting

By Underwater Life
Titan Triggerfish in LembonganPicasso, titan, blue, red tooth, clown, reef masked. These are just some of the names of the many different types of Triggerfish. Here in Lembongan, the most common Triggerfish that we get, are the Titan Triggerfish, Clown Triggerfish and the Redtooth Triggerfish. The most ‘infamous’ of the types of Triggerfish, is the Titan Triggerfish, due to its ‘interest’ nesting habits.

We are going to look at some information about these 3 types of Triggerfish that we get around Lembongan. This information is to help keep you informed and aware about these interesting creatures of the sea. Read More