North Coast of Nusa Penida

Diving in Lembongan is famous for the Manta Rays found in the south of Penida and the Molas found in Crystal Bay. These dive sites can all be seen in just one days diving. What about the other sites that Lembongan and Penida provide? The long stretching north coast of Penida and Lembongan, are home to most of the dive sites around the islands. There are 7 main dive sites that run along this coast line. It is these sites that have the best coral life of the area.
Due to the conditions of south coast, it is hard for the more sensitive soft corals to grow. The harsh tidal and wave movement that bashes the south coast, quickly damage coral spawns or make it almost impossible for them to grow. In saying this, there is still coral found on the southern dive sites. These corals are more robust, spreading low and wide along the rock formations. Due to this, most of the coral life in the south are hard corals.

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