Private Boat:

Twin Island Dive is all about the service and we want to go above and beyond to make your time in Lembongan special. One way to do this is with a private boat for snorkeling or diving in Lembongan and Penida.

The islands of Lembongan, Penida and Ceningan have some spectacular diving. We know a lot of people come to Lembongan and Twin Island Villas to get away from the busy times of Bali, so why not do the same with your dive boat?

Here at Twin Island Dive you have the option of renting a private boat; whether it be for snorkeling with the family, to get away from a crowded dive boat or to do some exploration dives, Twin Island Dive is able to create custom private boat trips for you and your buddies.

Check out our price calculator below for inquires, bookings and price information!

(Private boats are based on requests and may not be available on certain days)

Private family diving / snorkeling trips: 

Want the chance to bring your family diving or snorkeling for the first time but don’t want any pressure from a crowded boat? Booking a private boat gives you the chance to take the time you need to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

(Fun for the whole family; divers and / or snorkelers of any level.)

Private boat for diving:

When diving around the world, there can be times when we find ourselves on a boat full of other divers and maybe in a group of loads of divers underwater. Even though Twin Island Dive does offer small diving groups, it can also be nice to have a boat to yourself, the extra space for gearing up and the chance to go at your own pace.

(For any certification level, as well as none certified divers)

Exploration dives:

Dived around Lembongan lots but have a feeling there is something more under the water? Glided around the coastlines of Penida and found yourself wondering what is under there? Join us on an exploration dive and experience the rush of the unknown. Who knows, you might only find a desert of sand or you may have a new dive site named after you.

(Exploration dives are only for experienced divers (AOW / 50+ dives). Expense may vary as it is the un-dived.)

Private boat for family diving / snorkeling trips: 

Private boat for diving

Private boat for exploration dives

Private Boat for exploring the coral reefs

Private boat for finding Nemo

Private boat for finding new underwater creatures

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