Titan Triggerfish and Nesting

Titan Triggerfish in LembonganPicasso, titan, blue, red tooth, clown, reef masked. These are just some of the names of the many different types of Triggerfish. Here in Lembongan, the most common Triggerfish that we get, are the Titan Triggerfish, Clown Triggerfish and the Redtooth Triggerfish. The most ‘infamous’ of the types of Triggerfish, is the Titan Triggerfish, due to its ‘interest’ nesting habits.

We are going to look at some information about these 3 types of Triggerfish that we get around Lembongan. This information is to help keep you informed and aware about these interesting creatures of the sea.

Titan Triggerfish:

In locations that are very popular for divers, like Thailand, Egypt and places in south America, th