The story of Twin Island Dive

Born from the passion, a late night full of laughs with friends and a beautiful island. Twin Island Dive first opened its doors for diving in 2016.

Kipp knew the island was where he wanted to open a centre, but had no location. While catching up with friends over dinner, Kipp was introduced to the owner of Twin Island Villas. During this night, a life changing opportunity surfaced, resulting in Kipp being offered the perfect location for his dream dive centre.

Kipp - Bali diving

Kipp – Director of Twin Island Dive

Whilst traveling around Thailand in 2009, Kipp, like a lot of us, had the chance to complete some diving courses. An English man, in love with the water and in search of colourful creatures, Kipp competed his training to Divemaster level.

After working for a while around Asia as a PADI Divemaster, it was time for Kipp to return home to England. It only took Kipp 2 weeks in the so called ‘real world’ for him to realise that diving was the life for him.

Kipp returned back to Asia to complete his PADI IDC to become a diving instructor. Over the next few years, Kipp continued to travel Asia, managing dive centres and teaching people to dive. Before reaching Lembongan, Kipp was managing one of the biggest dive centres in the world.

In 2015, while on holiday in Bali, Kipp popped over to Lembongan and as soon as he stepped off the boat onto the beach, he knew this was where he wanted to open a dive centre. Once underwater, the Bali diving just double confirmed this!

Bryce - Bali diving

Bryce – Operations Manager

Bryce was born and grow up in New Zealand. It was during his years at high school that he had the chance to complete some diving courses. Over 5 years, Bryce completed his PADI courses up until Divemaster and worked as a Divemaster at his local dive shop in New Zealand during the holidays.

After leaving university, Bryce completed his PADI Instructor course. After working a short time in New Zealand as an instructor, Bryce knew it was time to leave the cold water diving, in search of something warmer and fishier.

Over the next 6 years, Bryce worked in many different countries around South East Asia, as a diving instructor. After spending 3 years working in the Andaman Islands, just off the east coast of India, Bryce moved to Lembongan Island.

Over the next 3 years, Bryce managed a dive centre in Lembongan and when the amazing opportunity popped up for him to join Kipp and help develop Twin Island Dive. Not wanting to say goodbye to the amazing Bali diving, Bryce jumped ship.

Wayan - Bali diving

Wayan – Captain

Wayan is from Lembongan and grow up on these waters, thus creating his amazing knowledge and passion for the waters around his islands. An amazing hard worker but always smiling, Wayan was a step-in captain one day as our normal captain was busy. It was from this first day that Twin Island Dive knew how amazing Wayan is as a captain and that we did not want to let him go.

Wayan is always right there when you need him. Not only making sure the boat is ready and loaded on time for diving, but he is always right there with the boat when you surface. Due to growing up in the area and fishing from a young age, Wayan knows how the waters work. Wayan is amazing support with our Bali diving trips!

Twin Island Difference

Located in Anchak Village, it may seem a bit different to have a dive centre up in the hills of a tropical island. The stunning location of Twin Island Dive and Villas, adds about to the character of dive centre. From the villas where the dive centre is based, to the personalized experienced that Twin Island Dive offers on every trip, high standards and quality is what Twin Island Dive is all about. Diving some of the best of Bali diving

The relaxed and private location of the centre, offers an incredible space to relax after diving. The location is not the only difference that Twin Island Dive offers.

Twin Island Dive is a full service dive centre. On every trip;

  • Diving equipment is set up by Twin Island Dive staff. You are on holiday, so Twin Island Dive will do the heavy lifting, setup and washing for you.
  • Internationally experienced PADI diving instructors with over 10 years experience teaching.
  • Small dive groups of 4 divers to 1 professional guide
  • Small groups for courses
  • Long dive times
  • PADI Rescue and EFR certified professionals on every boat
  • 1st aid and oxygen kit on every boat
  • PADI 5 star Dive Resort

Bali Diving with the team