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A giant stride for two good friends, a huge frog kick into Bali diving!

By 15 June 2016PADI, Updates

Birth of Twin Island DiveThis is the story and journey into the world of diving in Indonesia and the birth of Twin Island Dive.

Twin Island Dive has brought four people together to expand the diving community here in Nusa Lembongan.

Situated off the beaten track, up in the treetops of Ancak Village, Twin Island Dive is made up of two British owners, our resident Australian Instructor and one British mastermind to take care of all the clever bits.

Lest we not forget the irreplaceable skills of our Indonesian Divemaster who has been diving these waters for 10 years. Collectively, the team has 50 years experience in the diving industry. We are passionate about sharing this with all the Bali divers out there.

From total beginners to the masters of the sport. All are welcome to come by and visit us here in our luxurious resort; Twin Island Villas.

Whether its for coffee, a cold beer or joining us for some amazing diving, we can’t wait to meet you.

For information about booking accommodation or diving, feel free to contact us!