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Diving is healthier than you may have thought

By 5 February 2017January 30th, 2024Conservation, PADI, Underwater Life

Mola and Diver in LembonganIf you ask any diver, “What is your favourite fish”, you’re sure to get a speedy reply.
From Angelfish to Zebrafish, we as humans seem attracted to our aquatic friends. Is it because of the dazzling colours or maybe they remind us of being on holiday in exotic locations? Whatever the reason, we seem to find them hypnotic.

Believe the Science

According to the latest scientific discoveries into health benefits on humans, people who watched fishes moving around their watery worlds have reduced blood pressure and a lower heart rate. The first studies of their kind were carried out at the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth in the UK. They checked the mental and physical responses of people looking at aquaria with varying numbers of fish.

We’ve all seen a small fish tank in the dentist or doctors office while in the waiting room but these studies were a lot grander. During a refit of the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, fish were being reintroduced in various stages to one of the larger tanks. This tank holds a whopping 555,000 liters of sea water. Monitoring people response to the display showed that not only were people more relaxed in general, but the more fish introduced the greater the effect on the viewer.

It is understood that our eyes are one of the main sensory inputs to our brain. One theory suggests that the movement, colour and sometimes just the weirdness of what we look at in the underwater realm distracts us from our day to day lives. This is enough to let our bodies relax as we become absorbed in the show.

Put it to the test

As most of you know, being scuba divers gives us the opportunity to explore where most people never see! Plus, we get a larger number of fish to look at than any aquarium could hold. On top of that excellent news, Indonesia has some of the best dive sites and biodiversity on Earth, so we’ve got the numbers and the variety 🙂

The next time you go diving, you can be happy in the knowledge that not only are you taking part in one of the coolest ways to spend your time with friends but you’re also doing something good for your health as well!

Mantas at the point
Triggerfish at Mangrove
Mola Mola with diver at Gamat Bay