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March 2017

Crystal Bay

By Underwater Life

Mola at Crystal BayWhen thinking about diving around Nusa Penida, it is likely that you have heard of the famous Crystal Bay.

Crystal Bay is famous for many reasons; It is a close site to the manta dive sites, making it an easy 2nd dive for dive centres. Crystal Bay is known for its crystal clear visibility and extreme thermoclines.

The biggest reason a lot of people have heard of it and the reason most people want to dive it, is because of the chance to see the Mola.

Cyrstal Bay is also famous for some ‘interesting’ reasons as well. We are going to cover all the reasons this site is famous; from the good, the bad and the ugly Mola. Read More

Manta Rays in Lembogan

By Conservation, Underwater Life

Seeing the Manta Rays in Lembogan is a big draw card for a lot of divers. For many, the manta rays are the main reason they came to Lembongan. Twin Island Dive is here to help get you underwater with these amazing creatures.

Here we are going to cover some interesting facts;

  • The difference between Manta Bay and Manta Point
  • What are cleaning stations and feeding stations
  • What is the difference between giant mantas and reef mantas
  • What are Melanistic mantas

Read More

PADI 5 Star Dive Resort in Lembongan

By PADI, Updates
PADI Dive Resort in LembonganPADI 5 star dive resort in Lembongan and another dive shop, making it twice as easy to find us now!

A few months ago we let you know that we had been officially recognized by PADI when we received our ‘dive centre’ status off PADI. Which allows us to teach PADI courses under the name of Twin Island Dive.

Over the last few months we have been working hard to take our centre to the next level in the PADI system.

Depending on safety, quality, experience, knowledge and facilities, a centre is able to be recognized for the high standards that they are offering to their divers. Much like a PADI diver works their way from open water to advance through experience, knowledge and skills, a dive centre can climb the PADI ladder as well. Read More