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April 2017

Lion Fish in Lembongan – Friend or Foe

By Conservation, Underwater Life
Lion Fish in LembonganThe Lion Fish is an interesting creature. Parts of the world, Lion Fish are a pest which are hunted and killed. In other parts of the world, it is another unique fish to look out for while diving. The Lion Fish in Lembongan, are indigenous to the area, so for us, they are an interesting fish to check out.

Why are Lion Fish hunted in some parts of the world?

In parts of the world the Lion Fish is considered a pest, they are not indigenous to the area.  Lion Fish are an introduced species, which have very few predators to control their population. This
then creatures an unbalance underwater. With more Lion Fish on the reef, hunting the smaller fishes, the Lion Fish cause fish numbers to reduce. To help give the smaller fish a fighting chance and to help restore some balance, humans have started to intervene and cull the Lion Fish.

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Know your diving equipment

By Underwater Life

Divers UnderwaterHaving the right diving equipment for the dive, makes sure you have a fun and safe underwater experience. It is important to know your diving equipment.

We are going to have a look at 4 key areas of equipment:

  • Why it is important to have a correct fitting wetsuit.
  • A mask should be the first piece of equipment you should buy.
  • The importance of having the right size of BCD.
  • What is the difference in regulators

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