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Stunning Week in Lembongan

By 22 August 2017March 1st, 2019Underwater Life

Manta Ray in Manta Bay

Last week at Twin Island Dive…

What a week it has been here at Twin Island Dive, in Nusa Lembongan. We have had some very lucky divers with us, who have seen some of the best sea creatures that Lembongan has to offer! What a stunning week in Lembongan, it has been! Manta Bay was 100% the standout dive site of the week.

We have had everything from PADI Discover Scuba Divers, to PADI Open Water course to lots of fun divers. All these divers have brought an amazing amount of luck to their dives.

Started the week right!

The week started with Jesper and Michella doing their PADI Open Water course with us. After completing the theory and swimming pool skills, it was time to get out into the ocean for their open water dives.

On the 2nd day of their ocean dives, while diving at Manta Bay, everyone on the boat got the chance to see dolphins playing around at the surface. Instructor Bryce and Jesper, descended for the start of their dive and headed in the direction of where the dolphins were.

10 minutes into the dive, Bryce banged on his tank and pointed into the distance. Although they were a bit far away, both Bryce and Jesper, had the chance to watch the passing pod of dolphins.

Dolphins in Manta Bay

Great dives to get over hump day!

Our next lucky student was Ed and his girlfriend Rosie. Ed had completed all his theory and pool work, of the Open Water course, back in England and had come to Lembongan to complete the 4 open water dives.

Again, on the 2nd day of the open water dives, we went to Manta Bay for the first dive of the day. During the dive at 10 meters, Bryce, Rosie and Ed, had a close encounter with a passing manta. Seeing passing manta rays, at Manta Bay is not a strange occurrence, but it was only Ed’s 3rd dive ever and he got to see a manta ray.

The highlight of this dive was, once we had finished diving and everyone was back on the boat, we spotted a large group of manta rays, feeding at the surface, just outside the bay. Everyone on the boat suited up in snorkeling equipment and jumped into the water. As everyone bobbed at the surface, 10 manta rays twisted and turned right in front of us.

To top this day off, while heading into Crystal Bay, we spotted a pod of dolphins, playing at the surface.

There was still more wonder, to come for Ed and Rosie!

Mola on the north coast of Nusa PenidaEd and Rosie, loved the diving so much here, with Twin Island Dive and in Lembongan, that we added an extra day of fun diving to their trip. Ed was happy to get out for some dives where he did not have to do any skills.

Rosie was extremely hoping to see a mola and all our fingers were crossed for their 2 dives. The first dive of the day was at PED, on the north coast of Nusa Penida. Bryce briefed the site and explained; that the max depth that they would be going to would be 18 meters and the first part of the dive would be spent looking into the blue for the molas.

After 10 minutes looking into the blue at 18 meters, Bryce started to bring the group slowly up the reef. Not long after this, Bryce glanced back into the blue and spotted a mola fast approaching the group. With a quick bang of the tank, Bryce had gained the attention of the group so everyone could admire this strange creature’s beauty. The mola sat close to the group of divers, at 17 meters, had a look around for a few moments and disappeared back into the blue. The mola was properly wondering what sort of strange creature we all were.

After an amazing 1st dive with the mola, Rosie and Ed were excited for their 2nd dive at Toyapakeh. During the briefing, Rosie joked about how many molas they were going to see. Everyone was already thankful for seeing the mola on the first dive, that Rosie’s comments were laughed off, thinking that we had already been so lucky.

After slowly making their way along the beautiful reef at Toyapakeh, Bryce had started to bring the group into shallower waters. Once again, Bryce briefly looked into the blue at the most perfect time. Bryce’s tank banging broke the underwater silence once again, as the group got the chance to see another mola flying past the group at 13 meters.

What could possible top such a great start to the week? Thanks Manta Bay!

After some amazing dives over the first half of the week, it was hard to think how the diving could get better. But, once again, Manta Bay provided an amazing dive for our divers.Sea Snake at Manta Bay

On Sunday, a boat fill of divers and snorkelers headed to Manta Bay with Bryce and Kipp. The boat slowly made its way around the bay area, looking to spot any manta rays feeding at the surface. A few manta rays were spotted, so the boat was stopped and the divers and snorkelers started to prepare for entering the water.

Within a few minutes, everyone was in the water and had had the chance to spot the manta rays. After spending some time, around 5 meters, with the manta rays, the diving groups started to head out of the bay area, to deeper waters.

Not long after this, away from the other divers and snorkelers, our divers got some great personal encounters with a few very big manta rays, being cleaned, by reef fish at 12 meters.

After a nice sighting of a banned sea snake, the groups started to head shallower. A few more passing mantas were spotted, but it was Kipp’s fast and loud tank banging that caught everyone off guard. Everyone looked to see what Kipp was pointing out and within seconds, all of us understood Kipp’s excitement. A pod of dolphins came gliding by the divers. We all had the chance to have a good look at the pod of about 10 dolphins as the breezed past.

Want in on the action?

A very special week of diving! Molas, mantas and dolphins are amazing sights to see while diving. It just goes to show, you never know what is going to swim by and Lembongan holds some amazing creatures that you can see. But you have to be out diving to have the chance. You can find more information about our diving, courses and Lembongan on our website!