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The PADI Advance Course

By 19 September 2017January 30th, 2024PADI

Group Having Fun on PADI Advance CourseThe PADI Advance Course:

Have you ever found yourself wondering if it is time for you to make the next step? Have you been an Open Water diver for a while and not sure if the PADI Advance course is worth it? Got time to spend and want to make the most out of learning to dive?

Keep reading below for more information about the PADI Advance course, what you will learn and if the course is right for you.

What is the PADI Advance course:

You do not need to be an “advanced diver” to enroll in the Advanced Open Water course, it is designed to build on the skills that you learned during your Open Water Course and lets you explore other areas of diving and develop new skills.  The Advanced Open Water course is made up of five Adventure Dives, and we run it over three days.

Of the five Adventure Dives, two are mandatory:  Deep and Navigation, and then you can choose the other three from the list according to what skills you want to work on and what interests you.  Some examples of the others are:  Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drift, AWARE Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist.

Are you Ready to Take The PADI Advance course?

If you have already completed your Open Water course, even if it is with another organization besides PADI, you are ready to take the PADI Advance course.

Even if you have just completed your Open Water, it is possible to start the Advance course the following day. The course is designed to build on the knowledge that you learnt in the Open Water course and introduce you to different types of diving.

Even if you feel that your skills are not ‘up to scratch’ for the title of ‘Advance Diver’, it is no problem. The best way to get more conference with your diving and to work on your Open Water course even more, is with an instructor during the Advance course.

This means that if you are on holiday and want to make the most out of learning to dive, you are able to complete the PADI Open Water and the Advance courses back to back within a week.

Drift Diver as part of the PADI Advance Course


Deep Diver as part of the PADI Advance Course

What will you learn?

There are 5 dives in total for the course. As mentioned before, the 5 dives are in different types of diving and to help develop your interests in diving. 2 of the 5 dives are compulsory: Deep and Navigation.

You will get another manual that you will need to read through, but the theory section is not as full on as the Open Water course. You do not need to read the compete manual, as it contains all the different dives that can be used for the course, you only have to read the 5 that you are doing. Since you have the complete manual, you are able to flick through the different options and see which type of diving interests you the most.

Below is a brief over view of the most popular dives we teach, here at Twin Island Dive:


This dive helps prepare you to go to a max depth of 30 meters. You will run through the physical changes that happen when you go deeper then 18 meters, as well as some information to help you be aware and safe. While underwater, you will have a look at colour and pressure changes with your instructor.


This builds on the compass skills that you learnt in your Open Water course. If it has been awhile, don’t worry, as you will redo the compass skills from the Open Water course. You will also learn about kick cycles, navigating a square and natural navigation.

Peak Performance Buoyancy:

This dive is there to help develop your buoyancy control. Buoyancy is a staple for all divers. On this dive, you will learn different breath techniques, weight adjustment and play some buoyancy games, to help you gain a better understanding of underwater control.


This is a very import dive to do in our area. This dive helps you understand how to drift dive. A large amount of the diving around Nusa Lembongan and Penida is drift diving, and this dive helps you master control and comfort while working your way along the reef. You will run through different techniques to help you adjust to the moving water, to help stay together as a group and to have fun while drift diving.

Why Complete the PADI Advance Course?

Still wondering if the course is right for you? There are many great reasons to complete the course. The first and the one the most people complete the course for, is the chance to go deeper. The Advance course gives you the chance to extend your max depth from 18 meters to 30 meters. This allows you to explore that little bit deeper. This is great for many different reason, you maybe wanting to see a shipwreck, a different part of your favorite reef, or for Lembongan, hunt for the Mola!

During the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, you will learn different breathing techniques to help control your buoyancy underwater. These techniques will also help with your air consumption. Having better air consumption means that you will have more time underwater, to explore and find those found creatures.

Developing your skills and knowledge under the supervision of an instructor, during your Advance course, will help boost your confidence. This built up in confidence lets you forces more on the good stuff – the fish. Being more relaxed under the water will also help with your air consumption.

Another reason is wanting to re-spark your passion for diving. If you are a bit tired of diving or feel the passion slipping, trying a different type of diving, could help rebuild your interest. The PADI Advance course offers diving experiences in underwater photography, wreck diving, night diving and even diver propulsion vehicles.

How to Sign up?

Ready to sign up for your PADI Advance course? All you need to do is click the button below and send us an email with your details. We will get back to you as soon as possible with possible start dates, information about how to get to Lembongan and about our accommodation. If you have any more questions about the course, we will be able to answer anything you throw at us.