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Premium Diving with Personalized Service

By 31 August 2019October 15th, 2019PADI, Underwater Life

Premium Diving Service

Personalized Diving Service

A big part of what makes Twin Island Dive Lembongan special and different from others, is our premium diving service that caters for a personalised diving experience. Whether you have never dived before or dived thousands of times, Twin Island Dive Lembongan is able to adjust our service to fit your personal needs.

To ensure our premium diving service, we offer small groups. Having small diving groups allows us to more easily provide a custom and personal experience for you.

For Certified Divers:

Here at Twin Island Dive Lembongan, we offer a max of 4 certified divers to 1 PADI Professionally certified Divemaster or Instructor! We only use Divmasters or above for our guiding. This way, you know you being guided by someone who is professionally trained in guiding, safety and problem solving, by a highly recognized training organization.

We also do not mix the certification / experience levels  of divers in these groups. While signing up for diving, we will check your certification level, your last dive and how many dives you have done. This way we are able to put you in a group with other dives that are similar experienced.

Haven’t dived in awhile?

If you have not dived for 6 or more months, we would recommenced a scuba review. The scuba review program gives you the chance to refresh your skills and knowledge of diving with one of our PADI Professionally certified instructors. This program is run over one day and you still get to dive!

After running through some dive theory with your instructor, you will join on the boat with the other divers. At the first dive site, your instructor will run through an extended briefing about that you will do in the water. Once in the water, you will be able to take things nice and slowly, getting comfortable with the breathing. When you are comfortable breathing, you will practices some skills with your instructor. Once you are all good and the skills are done, you will carry on the dive as normal. The second dive will just be a normal fun dive.

As you have not dived in awhile, you will not be mixed with other fun divers. This allows you to take things at your pace with no pressure from other divers and help you get back in the water with confidence.

Tailored Service

We take into consideration every diver who dives with us and adjust our groups and group sizes based on this. This adjustment, for each diver, each day, means that you get a personalized, premium diving service, base on your experience as a diver.

If you are a little nervous, let us know and we will be able to adjust your group even more, to be sure that you are completely comfortable diving with us.

PADI Course:

While learning to dive or expanding your diving skills, it is important to have a personal, comfortable and safe experience. To help achieve this Twin Island Dive Lembongan offers small course groups of 2 students to 1 PADI Professionally certified Instructor. This applies to Try Dives, Open Water course, etc

Having such small groups for courses means that you don’t get lost in the crowd. Your instructor is right there for you to help you along the way. You are able to learn at your pace while not having to wait for the instructor to work through a large group.

Small group sizes allow you to ask all the questions you need to fully understand your course.

Another major plus in having small groups while learning to dive in Lembongan is for safety. Your instructor’s attention on the dive is not stretched thin by many students. This is important when you are learning in a new environment.

We are also able to (within PADI standards) adjust the course schedule to fit your travel schedule. We will than adjust our teaching and start date to fit in with you!

Personal Guide / Instructor

Don’t think our diving ratios are small enough? We are able to organize private guides or instructors on request.

When picking a dive centre and to ensure a premium diving service, a private guide may be the best option for your needs.

The following are great points to think about if you would like a private guide / instructor:

  • Photographer: Having a private guide while taking photos means that you don’t need to worry about holding up other divers while you get that perfect photo. You are able to tell the guide what sort of things you are looking to photograph.
  • Get away from the crowds: Hate having ‘lots’ of people in your group? Like to take things nice and slowly and don’t want to fall behind the group? A private guide is able to adjust to your style of diving with out the worry of any others in the group.
  • Nervous: Being underwater can be a strange feeling. If you are a little nervous about your first time diving or if you have not dived in awhile, a private instructor gives you the chance to take your time getting comfortable. The reassurance of having an instructor right there, just to look after you, can make everything feel easier.