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Check Your Twin’s Dive Day!

Breast Cancer Awareness

What’s happening?

Twin Island Dive Lembongan and World Diving are putting on a unique dive day to help raise cancer awareness and funds for the Worldwide Breast Cancer Society.
This is in support for Breast Cancer Awareness month and with the Worldwide Breast Cancer Society’s campaign of #KnowYourLemons
The day will start with 1 dive on World Diving’s famous Big Boat. Drinks will be available to buy on board with all profits going to the Worldwide Breast Cancer Society.
After diving, Big Boat will enter the channel between Ceningan and Lembongan, where we will be all dropped of at Twin Island Dive’s new dive centre for a BBQ and drinks. Again, all profits from the BBQ / drinks going to the Worldwide Breast Cancer Society.

T-shirts will also be for sale throughout the month of October, to raise awareness of the event. The profits of all t-shirt sales will also be going to the Worldwide Breast Cancer Society.

How to help?

Want to join the dive, donate to the cause or buy a t-shirt? Complete the form below!

Meeting location:

The meeting location for the dive will be World Diving.

World Diving is located in the main village of Jungut Batu village, on Nusa Lembongan.

Guides, diving equipment, local lunch, tanks and weights will be provided by World Diving

Dive Site:

We will be heading out for 1 dive. The dive site will be picked based on the conditions of the day; wind, waves, currents and tides. This way, we are able to pick the best site for who is on the boat.

Big Boat:

Big boat is famous on Lembongan for the amount of space and the sun deck with bean bags. This boat adds comfort to the joy of diving. With space to take a max of 15 divers, spaces for this great cause are limited!

After Diving:

Once the dive is done, Big Boat will slowly make its way towards Twin Island Dive’s new dive centre. During this time, people will have the chance to relax on the sun deck, eat and drink.

Once we have reach Twin Island Dive’s dive centre, the BBQ will start.

The BBQ:

To celebrate the opening of Twin Island Dives new dive centre and to help raise support for Cancer Awareness. BBQ food will be available to purchase, as well as a range of drinks


Diving: IDR 800,000. Includes; 1 dive, diving equipment, tank, weights, local lunch and guide

Drinks on Big Boat: Bubbles, soft drinks and beer will be for sale on board

BBQ at Twin Island Dive: IDR 160,000 per person. Which includes a plate of BBQ food and a drink (beer / local Pims / soft drink)

Drinks at Twin Island Dive: A range of beers, soft drinks, wine and local Pims will be for sale

World Diving - Breast Cancer Awareness Dive

Big Boat - Breast Cancer Awareness Dive

Big Boat - Breast Cancer Awareness Dive

#KnowYourLemons - Breast Cancer Awareness Dive

The “Know Your Lemons” Story

“Know Your Lemons” is the work of Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, PhD. She founded the nonprofit “Worldwide Breast Cancer” in 2014. Here’s how she explains how it came to be:


Did you know that one-third of cancer deaths worldwide could be avoided through education and screening? Yet just 4% of women know the signs of breast cancer. This is a problem to do with how we talk about breast health…which is mostly spoken through pink ribbon symbols and general messages of “look for changes” that don’t say much.

When breast cancer is found in the earliest stage, the survival rate is nearly 100%. But when it’s found in the latest stage, there is no surviving it.

Found out more at: Know Your Lemons

#KnowYourLemons - Breast Cancer Awareness Dive

Want to sign up or have questions?

Complete the information below to get in contact with us and support our Breast Cancer Awareness Dive!

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    Beautiful Soft Corals on our Breast Cancer Awareness Dive

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