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Lembongan BeachesĀ 

The coastline of Lembongan has some incredible sites to see. One of these sites that people love to visit are the many Lembongan beaches dotted around the island. Not all the coastline of Lembongan is sandy beaches, the cliff faces, rocky beaches and mangrove forests are also great sights to see.

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Mushroom beach:

Mushroom beach is located only 10 minutes by scooter from Twin Island Villas. Located on the south of Lembongan, this white sandy beach provides a great place to relax and watch time drift away with the ocean. Edging the beach line, there are many restaurants, providing stunning views while you have some food or an ice cold beer.

Mushroom Beach is also one of the main locations where the boats from Bali arrive. During late morning and over lunch time, there can be a lot of boats coming and going.

Mid to late afternoon, when there is less boat traffic, Mushroom Beach is a great place to take a dip in the ocean to help cool off.

Mushroom Beach - Lembongan Beaches

Sandy Bay - Lembongan Beaches

Sandy Bay Beach:

Located on the sunset side of Lembongan and only a 15 minute ride from Twin Island Villas, Sandy Bay, provides great views of the sunset and a great place for an evening meal. The bays name clearly comes from the secluded sandy beach, tucked away from the crowds.

Sandy Bay Beach Club is located right on Sandy Bay and provides tables with a direct view of the perfect Lembongan sunsets. Twin Island Villas is able to help book a table for you at this amazing location.

Dream Beach:

Located close to Devil’s Tear and looking out to the ocean between Bali and Lembongan, Dream Beach provides a great place to relax for the day! Dream Beach is another secluded beach, tucked between cliff faces, spread with soft white sand.

During high tide or when the surf is large, Dream Beach can have some spectacular waves breaking on the beach. Because of this, Dream beach is not a recommended beach for swimming.

The cliff faces that surround, Dream Beach, provide a complete view of the beach and great photo opportunities.

Just next door to Dream Beach is Devil’s Tear. Located on the cliff overlooking the beach, Devil’s Tear provides some incredible water displays, as the large waves hit the rock face.

Dream Beach - Lembongan Beach

Jungut Batu Beach - Lembongan Beaches

Jungut Batu Beach:

The main beach of Lembongan, just in front of the main village. The mix of small rocks, white sand and its length, provide a great place for a afternoon walk along the beach. Jungut Batu Beach is the main location where the boats from Lembongan arrive. Because of this and its location, it can be a busy beach with people and boats. During high tide some parts of the beach are covered by the ocean.

This beach is very close to lots of other key locations of Lembongan. It is close to the main surf spots, a plentiful amount of local shops, restaurants and bars, 2 of the island’s AMTs and the clinic.

The lagoon area off this beach is a very shallow area and can almost completely be emptied during low tide.

Mangrove Beach:

Still technically part of Jungut Batu Beach, but slightly separated by parts of the mangroves forest, this beach provides a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Jungut Batu village. With a few local restaurants dotted along the few small beach areas, this area is normally a lot quieter then other Lembongan beaches.

Edged by mangrove trees, these beaches are a lot more protected and claimer, providing a great location for swimming, snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding.

The best time for snorkeling and swimming is during high tide. There is a reef area close to the beach and just a little further out, is The Mangrove dive site. During high tide, it is possible to swim out from the beach to this dive site, which provides great snorkeling.

Mangrove Beach - Lembongan Beaches