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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Lembongan (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding in Lembongan, is something that, in the last few years, has really taken off.

There are a few spots around Lembongan that provide a great place to gently paddle around and relax. For the more experienced stand up paddle boarding, the main surf spots, provide some great waves to ride.

Jungut Batu Lagoon:

The lagoon area between Jungut Batu beach and the reef break, is generally a calm and easy place to learn and practice SUP, or if you are looking for a spot to chill out, on the water, to get a closer view of the sunset.

Once you have got the paddling and balance under control, it is just a short paddle over to Lacerations or Playground to catch some waves.

During the morning and over lunch time, the area can be busy with boats. It is not recommended to SUP in the boat channel between Playgrounds and Lacerations. During low tide, the water can be very low or even no water at all.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Lembongan

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Lembongan


Both inside the mangrove forest and in front of Mangroves beach, you will find great spots for SUP.

The ocean runs into the mangrove forest, down finger like channels. These calming, still channels provide a great area to gently paddle and explore. There are guided Mangrove tours for SUP, to show you the forest, tell you it’s history and about the animals that call the mangroves their home.

The Mangrove beach is another great place to learn and practice SUP. There is almost no boat traffic, no boat channel to lookout for and normally no waves to rock your board.

During low tide, the water can be very low so you may find that the bottom is a lot closer then you thought if you lose your balance.